new student welcome specials

New clients can select ONE of the two following options. Welcome Specials can only be purchased once.

Yoga is certainly for everyone, but it is important to find a teacher and class that you resonate with. Don’t want to sweat? Vinyasa is probably not for you but mellow flow might be your new fave thing! Sequence, style, pace and temperature vary between teachers. Try a bunch and find what works for you. Holistic fitness classes are included in the welcome special. 

Choose from one of our welcome specials

Two Month Special

Two Month Unlimited Welcome Special

Price: $159

Details: Try unlimited sessions over a two month period. This is the best option for someone who wants to take a deep dive into Organic and experience the many styles, teachers and practices that we offer.


Three Week Special

Three Weeks for $49 Welcome Special

Details: Curious about joining Organic? Try our WELCOME special. Take three weeks of classes for just $49 – that’s less than the cost of three classes! It takes 21 days to start a habit so if you want to make yoga part of your routine, this is a great place to start. 




Single Class

Unlimited Classes


Monthly Membership

$8.25/class when you attend 3x/week

Members receive one complimentary guest pass andmat rental per month, early booking window and 15% off workshops.

Memberships can be canceled anytime by emailing the studio.

Class Packages


10 Class Pack – $15.70/class

About Organic

Since 2014, Organic has been home away from home for our members who believe in a sustainable approach to wellness. While we are a class-based business, most of our members stick around for the community and practical health & wellness education.

We teach that there is no one-size-fits-all way to be healthy. As your needs and preferences shift, so should your wellness routine. Our goal is to offer a diverse schedule of programs that will support you and your lifestyle.

Wondering where to start?

Our most popular yoga class among newbies is Slow+Simple.

Vinyasa classes are popular among people who love to move.

Holistic Fitness use a mindful, non-judgemental approach to cycling, strength training and cardio kickboxing.

If you’re looking for something still and meditative, try Yin Yoga or Flow & Restore.

Pre-registration is required for ALL classes. Book up to 60 minutes before class time.

Bring your own mat or rent one from us for $2.

Please book confidently. No Shows and Late Cancels (less than an hour before start time) are charged a $10 fee.

Park for free in our lot (Vestal Parkway), Kampai (North Jensen). Stairs are at the front right of the building.

Eat a light, nutritious snack and hydrate before coming to practice, especially holistic fitness classes. Food is fuel!

What a wonderful space. I have been practicing yoga on and off for years and I truly appreciate what OY represents. Thank you for facilitating a healthy yoga practice. – Sarah C.

One of my most favorite studios to practice. The folks at Organic always throw down some awesome yoga sessions for your mind and body to exercise then relax. I always leave this place feeling lighter on my feet as well as in the heart. – Kevin J.