Wellness Leadership

We’ve deconstructed and reimagined the traditional yoga teacher training to make it more relevant, accessible (and fun). Designed for people who want to incorporate yoga into their everyday lives, you’ll learn to teach yoga, mindfulness and meditation in studios, gyms, classrooms, offices, workplaces and more.

explore the seven dimensions of wellness

This is an experiential learning program that uses yoga classes, interactive lecture, group work, meditation and assorted wellness practices to examine the relationship between yoga and wellbeing. This course emphasizes the fact that yoga is not strictly a physical practice. Yoga, at its essence, is a scaffold for fostering connection between who we are and who we want to be, between mind and body and between individuals and their community. Yoga is not a class, it’s a way of being.

lead well

what you’ll learn

how to teach vinyasa yoga

Teach a classic vinyasa yoga class including common modifications and progressions to best serve open-level students

how to lead meditations

Learn to lead Savasana, the Body Scan, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Yoga Nidra, Guided Visualization, Mantras and more

three class design techniques

Utilize backward design, thematic sequencing, and the bell curve approach for creating unique lesson plans for yoga and wellness classes (15-90 minutes)


what to do with complete newbies

Teach a gentle yoga class to promote relaxation and accessibility to students with limited mobility

how to share breathing exercises

Understand breathwork theory and practice including Ujayii Pranayama (Victorious Breath), Box Breathing, 7/11 Breath, Bumblebee Breathing and more

wellness leadership for real life

Wellness is unique for everyone. Learn how to inspire all of those around you to live brighter, more meaningful life. Leadership is about inspiring small changes that lead to big impact


who is this program designed for?

This training was created for anyone who is curious about how wellness influences health and happiness. Whether you’re interested in teaching a sweaty Power Flow class in a studio or a 30 minute meditation at the park, we’ll equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to create a lesson that centers the needs and interests of the “yogis” in front of you. We aim to help everyday people share yoga in a way that makes sense for them. Fitness trainers who want to add mindful stretch classes to their gym schedule, coaches who want to share yoga with their teams, parents who want to support their children with relaxation and healthcare providers that recognize the need for short and simple wellness interventions for their patients… All students will graduate from this program feeling empowered to be a wellness leader in their community and inspire the people around them to live healthier and happier.


This program uses yoga as a vehicle to examine the many dimensions of wellness. Through lecture, discussion, readings, and experiential learning activities, students will learn about: the history, philosophy and practice of yoga (through the 8 Limbs), teaching pedagogy (including different types sequencing, cuing, alignment, injury management, class design, adjustments and modifications, privates and small groups and creating a playlist), pranayama (breathing), mindfulness, meditation, energetics and the body-mind relationship (chakras, prana, qi), anatomy and applied physiology, stress science and management techniques, equity and inclusion in the yoga realm, components of health-related physical fitness, mindset and business practices. Students will gain 10+ hours of practice teaching.

what you’ll need

Essential Readings: 

  • Science of Yoga: Understand the Anatomy and Physiology to Perfect Your Practice (2019) by Ann Swanson
  • Breath (2020) by James Nestor
  • Unplug: A Simple Guide to Meditation for Busy Skeptics and Modern Soulseekers by Suze Yalof Schwartz
  • Meditation Made Easy (1998) by Lorin Roche

What you’ll receive over the course of the training

  • Training Manual 
  • Yoga Pose Asana Workbook
  • Ten teaching scripts that you’ll be able to use the next day, including: five Beginner-friendly Guided Meditations: Sensory Meditation, Body Scan Meditation, Visualization, Manta Meditation, Intuitive Meditation, three Breathing Exercises: Ujayi Pranayama (Victorious Breath), 7-11 Breathing, Belly Breathing, and two 35-minute Yoga Classes: Gentle Stretch, All-level Flow
  • A Class Pass for 10 Classes at Organic Yoga (virtual or in studio)
  • A Organic Yoga YTT sweatshirt
  • Personalized feedback on your homework and final projects
  • Two one-on-one check ins with YTT faculty

Recommended Materials: 

Equipment for home: Yoga Mat, 2 Yoga Blocks, Yoga Bolster, Yoga Blanket

Teaching Yoga: Essential Foundations & Techniques, Mark Stephens


We offer the training in two formats: an intensive 15-day program and a six month weeknight training. Both formats cover the same information and students are awarded the same certificate at completion of the program.

Intensive Program

This training meets in person at Organic Yoga (or occasionally outside) over 15 days. The intensive training is best suited for someone who has some background in yoga and is ready to take a deep dive into the practice, but all are welcome. Students who complete the intensive training are invited to attend the extended weeknight training with discounted tuition. Modules are supported by several hours of self paced work each week that utilizes pre-recorded lectures and readings. Students will receive a list of readings and assignments to complete before the start of the program. Students have up to 3 months to complete assignments after completion of the training.

​Weeknight + Retreat Weekends Program

This long format training meets over the course of several months. Meets one evening each week for practice and theory and dives deeper during the retreat weekends where you work alongside your sangha (community) for discussion, hands-on and experiential learning activities. Modules are supported by 1-2 hours of self paced work each week that utilizes pre-recorded lectures and readings.



2025 YTT schedule is in planning. Please reach out to let us know you are interested!

    ​Sample Weeknight + Weekend Schedule: 

    • Thursday evenings from January-April, 6-9:30pm
    • Plus the third weekend of each month (Fridays 6-9, Saturdays 9-4, and Sundays 9-2)

    Post-training mentorship hours include five class observations (flexible scheduling) and participation in teaching and attending community classes during the one month following graduation (dates and time TBD during training).


    Program Tuition: $2,900.00

    Early Bird Discount (pay in full 60 days before start date): $2,500.00

    Payment plans available upon request.

    Buddy Bonus: Everything is better with a buddy! Sign up for the training with a friend, parent, sibling or coworker and both trainees will receive their own set of equipment (BackJack floor seat, studio quality bolster, Mexican blanket, two yoga blocks – $160 value).


    Organic is pleased to offer one half-tuition scholarship. Applications for scholarships are accepted up to one month before the start of the training. These need-based scholarships are intended to help those who wish to increase accessibility to yoga in their communities and are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion through yoga and wellness education. Scholarships are offered on a rolling basis and a preferentially awarded to students from populations underrepresented in the wellness industry, especially LGBTQIA, BIPOC and AAPI.


    We are currently accepting applications! To apply for this training, please complete the following steps:

    1. Submit the application using the following Google Form linked below. We recommend typing your responses into a document so that they are saved in case you lose connection.
    2. If you don’t already have one, create a Momence account with Organic Yoga + Wellness.
    3. Pay the non-refundable, non-transferrable Application Fee. Access the online store using the button below. Your application will not be reviewed until you have submitted the application fee.

    If accepted to the program, you will receive an email notification within three days of application.


    If you have questions about the training, please contact Bryce Farrell at bryce@organicyogastudio.com or by texting 607-221-6877.



    This training was developed by wellness-junkies Bryce Farrell, Corinne Farrell and Danielle Meissner. With over 2,500 cumulative training hours, thousands of hours of experience teaching private and group classes and an inherent love of people, the faculty are ready and excited to guide you through this next chapter of your yoga journey. All three teachers have extensive experience in course building and wellness education and have taught at the university level.

    Bryce is the owner of Organic Yoga & Wellness, holds an MA and BS in Molecular Biology and teaches health, wellness and physical education in the SUNY system. Bryce has been teaching yoga since 2012 and has completed more than 900 hours of yoga and movement training. With a knack for sequencing and a fascination with how movement affects the human body and mind, Bryce’s classes attract students of all levels who want to move better and explore where science and spirituality meet. Her approach to teaching is one of guided discovery informed by yoga’s ancient teachings and modern movement science. In addition to this training, Bryce has developed a Wellness through Yoga course for Binghamton University and a yoga training course for Physical Education teacher candidates that was adopted into the SUNY Cortland curriculum in 2020.


    Corinne is Organic’s prenatal yoga queen and specializes in cultivating a strong sense of community in her classes. She has completed two 200-hour Yoga Trainings (2014 and 2020) and an additional 120 hours of training in kids and prenatal yoga instruction. Corinne’s approach to teaching is one of gentle encouragement and her classes most often include a delightful discussion of the theme, an awareness of functional movements and a strong commitment to translating yoga off the mat and into the “real world.” Corinne’s best known at OY for developing a dedicated following of students and has a special talent of nurturing her yogis to feel empowered by their yoga practice. Corinne has a MS in Human Resources and Organizational Development.


    Danielle is a movement teacher-extraordinaire with over two decades of experience teaching ballet and yoga. Danielle has completed two 200-hour YTT’s (2012 and 2020), a 300-hour advanced training and thousands of hours in speciality trainings including Structural Integration, aerial, yin, restorative and active stretch therapies. Her background in dance and successful career as a licensed massage therapist provides her with a unique repertoire of skills to support her yoga teachings. Danielle’s classes are fun, inclusive and help students to develop a deeper understanding of their own body-mind connection and personal strengths.