Meet our Team

of wellness leaders

Bryce Farrell

Founder, Teacher Training Director & Teacher

Corinne Farrell

Director of Prenatal Yoga, Teacher Training Faculty

Danielle Meissner

Teacher Training Faculty, Resilient & Badass Teacher

Jackie Kinsley

Chakra Vinyasa, Mellow Flow & Yin Yoga

Patrick Fitzgerald

Eileen Barr

Kristy Dougherty

Kenzie Wood

Eliana Epstein

Studio manager & spinyasa teacher

Grace Solano

Maya Haykal

Kris Marks

featured classes

Vinyasa Yoga is a fluid practice that moves from pose to pose while emphasizing breath control and present-focus. This class is best for someone who wants to a more dynamic and challenging class.

Our most popular class… Slow+Simple is an inclusive style that promotes relaxation, mindfulness, balance and mobility. Appropriate for newbies and experienced yogis, alike. Sequences are joint friendly and minimize transitions from standing to the floor.

Strong & Soft is a holistic fitness class marries the principles of yoga with circuit style strength training exercise. Classes use TRX, kettlebells, resistance bands and other fitness tools in a beginner-friendly workout. Workouts begin with breathwork and end with relaxation.

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